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Marco Tenaglia

Marco Tenaglia is a photographer based in Rome, Italy, focusing on creating elegant and sophisticated erotic photographs. He highlights confident women, that embody a provocative beauty.

Placed in luxury and decadent settings and backgrounds, Tenaglia’s portraits combine contemporary and classic photographic styles and techniques. His images highlight confident women, a characteristic displayed through their recurring posing and emotions captured in each frame. Furthermore, the women photographed do not showcase the typical and classical expression of delicate beauty, but rather embody a provocative and daring beauty.

For the most part, his photographs focus on the eroticism of his models—whether they are in the nude or clothed. Marco Tenaglia believes that the sensuality of the female form is present in the aura they exude rather than on their physical appearance and clothes they wear. He believes that a naked woman does not necessarily equate sensuality. And, that a fully clothed woman can be erotic by the way she presents herself. By using a harsh light while shooting, he brings out the confident and almost intimidating erotic qualities and characteristics of his subjects, nude or not, in his images.

He is well-known for his severe black and white fashion portraiture imbued with unapologetic sensuality. Through his photographic practice, he strives to produce images imbued with timelessness and perfect imperfection. He describes his own vision of beauty as being “the perfect imperfection because no woman in the world is a ceramic doll who lives in a surreal environment of perfection.”

Marco Tenaglia sees his photographs as vessels meant to capture his own bold and intriguing passions and obsessions. He considers the breadth of his career to consist of self-portraits, as each photograph he creates symbolically capture his own self as well. Furthermore, the images he creates are a reflection of himself, as he finds inspiration from within.

Since a young age, he was interested in photography. His fascination in childhood led him to take photographs of things he likes, an action he follows to this day. He attended the Istituto Superiore di Fotografia (ISFCI – Institute of Photography) in Italy. And, in 1997, Tenaglia started his professional photographic career. Some of his accomplishments as a photographer include having his work exhibited at the InternationART exhibition in Venice in 2018.

Marco Tenaglia hopes to continue creating images that seemingly balance the line of fashion, beauty, and glamour qualities with that of eroticism and openly unapologetic sexuality.
THIS IS LUST, Toronto (2019)
International Art, Venice (2018)
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